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Queen Grimhilde blows The Prince

Huge dick of The Prince is sticking towards the face of Queen Grimhilde, who was lustfully sucking and swallowing it for the last ten minutes, trying to milk some royal cum out of it. As it’s finally shot a massive load into her face, greedy Queen Grimhilde wants to collect it all, from her forehead and nose, from her hair and tits and swallow it. Cum will make her young again, and she’s so excited about it, that doesn’t even notice the hairy pussy between her legs outflowing with her own juice.

Queen Grimhilde takes massive cumshot

Beautiful and lustful queen, Grimhilde is proficient with blowjobs, which makes her face get covered with cum very often. This seductive whore is able to make a dick come in several seconds, using her nimble rough tongue and helping with a titjob. Big boobs and thick lips make her a perfect sucker, but only true passion lets Queen Grimhilde be the best blowjob performer in the kingdom. She’s taking another facial cumshot and thick cream starts flowing down her face, dripping on her big knockers.

Evil Queen Grimhilde orders you

Juicy Queen Grimhilde is known not just for her beautiful face, but also for a more significant thing. Her huge boobs handing out of her blouse are making her orders especially important, because she lets the most zealous ones lick and even squeeze them. She’s definitely a very luscious girl, with plump and sweet body: its seductive curves are clearly seen under the tight outfit she’s wearing. Queen Grimhilde holds an apple, and it looks like she’s going to stick it into her insatiable pussy.

Queen Grimhilde lets The Prince touch her

Attracted by the seductive body, Queen Grimhilde eagerly exposes, The Prince is falling into her trap, driven closer to this gorgeous slut by his itching desire. His hardened dick pushes him into the claws of Queen Grimhilde, because he wants to rip her dress off her and stick his fingers, tongue and dick into her wet cunt. She uses her body wisely, making The Prince want her, because the lustful queen is seeking hardcore sex as well, spreading her legs to welcome The Prince inside her pussy.